Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why My Job Is Creepy.

While I'm sure it would be nice to only drive ten minutes to get to this office, there is a reason I will never, ever live in the same county where I work. A few weeks ago, I got this letter from a parolee. He sent it from jail.

Dear Ms. E,

I wanted to write you a little letter to let you know I'm thinking about you and not on a professional stand point but on a personal stand point. When you come up here to see me you make my day go so much smoother. When I look into your pretty blue eyes I get lost and I want to tell you how pretty they are I just don't know the words to say, I guess it's because theirs not enough words in the world to say how beautiful you are. When I see you smile, I think about how happy you seem to be when you see me and when you smile you make all my worries come to and end. I just wish I was able to see you more than once a month. 

I know I've done wrong in the past but that's the past I'm looking at the future. I feel a connection with you that I don't feel with other women it's just that you make me speechless. I'm done with trouble, I know that, you want the best for me and I want what's best for myself. I feel that what's best for me is you. I've made some bad choices in the past and I'm tring to make the right one's now. I hope that I'm making a good choice by writting you this letter. I would love to get to know you more on a personal stand point. I get lost by your eyes and mezmerized by your sweet voice. I wish I could put it into more words of how I feel about you but I don't have that much paper and neither does the world. And if you came up here or I called on the phone I would not have enough time in the world to tell you.


[name retracted]

Yeeeeaaaahhhhh. Also: FROM JAIL.

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